Aalborg Artist’s Association for the Acceleration of Artistic Regional Growth

Various Locations, Göteborg, Sweden
Monday 10th - Saturday 15th June 2024

As part of the socially-engaged research project Aalborg Artist’s Association for the Acceleration of Artistic Regional Growth, artist Scott William Raby will create public interactions to improve connections for artists between Aalborg/Northern Denmark to the nearest international city – the greater Gothenburg area in Sweden. Since Northern Denmark is the most geographically remote region in Denmark from the Danish capital, doesn’t have an internationally recognized art academy, and is lacking art institutions that create regular working opportunities for artists in the region, it is important to continue to expand connections abroad while things are improved at home. Therefore, by using the Stenaline ferry corridor as both real infrastructure and symbolic international connection, Aalborg based artist Scott William Raby will travel this corridor in an effort to encourage regional artistic development in Northern Denmark through renewed connections to Gothenburg.

By taking on the role of a designated artistic diplomat, Raby will pursue regional artist development goals stated in AAAA’s manifesto and project portfolio through a blend of social practice, research, and performativity. Through both scheduled meetings and informal visits to institutions, kunsthals, and museums the artist will aim to introduce, promote, and dialogue about the growing artistic presence in the city of Aalborg and the region of Northern Denmark while in Gothenburg over a multi-day period.

The artist will use his unique position, continuing the practice to push the boundaries of self-organization, artistic advocacy, and art as infrastructure as methodologies and forms for the project. In essence, this will be an extension of some of the different projects the artist has done with Artist Project Group (APG) in Vienna, with Skal Contemporary in Skagen, and as part of his roles across art interest organizations like AAAA, but also UKK and BKF Nord.

The project will be documented photographically, and will be placed on AAAA’s SoMe as a site of production for a series of posts. By doing so, Raby will seek to redraw attention between Aalborg and Gothenburg – through visuals, photography, and vignettes – that will hopefully work toward continuing to establish relations between the two locales and art sectors. The aim will be to draw attention to not only to the artist’s own practice and presence, but hopefully use that as a bridge, or a channel to promote the whole region, colleagues, organizations, and good artistic work and development happening in Aalborg and Northern Jutland.