The Department of CCCC

Huset i Hasserisgade, Tilgang, Aalborg, Denmark
Tuesday 8th - Thursday 24th November 2022

The Department of CCCC is a collaborative project between Aalborg Artist’s Association and the platform Lím Collective that explores organising tools for contemporary art work. Presented as a series of resources for engaging with Culture, Care, Commoning, and Critique - the public is invited to participate in a wave of activities from movement workshops, walks, dinners, screenings, meetings, and talks which look into institutional barriers, occupational health, and resource sharing. 

The project is supported by Aalborg Kommune, Huset i Hasserisgade, The Danish Arts Foundation. A special thanks to Arctic Street Food, Casa Anne Maries Vej, The Greenlandic House, Huset’s Café, Nikolaj Legaard, and Trekanten
For any questions and booking requests please write

November 8th from 4 - 7 pm
Opening of The Department of CCCC and Launch of the Platform Lím Collective

November 11th from 3 - 11 pm
Sangutitsinerit / Reroutings / Omdirigeringer - Workshop, Community Dinner, Film Screenings, Performances, and DJ with Sirí Paulsen, Aqqalu Berthelsen / Uyarakq, Julie Edel Hardenberg, New Red Order / Adam Khalil, and Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld 
Locations: Hans Egede Church / Grønlandskvarteret / Huset i Hasserisgade. Open to all, transport between locations requires booking, email

November 14th from 4 - 5 pm
Collective Preparatory Meeting - prior to the meeting with Aalborg Municipality Visual Arts Council (Billedkunstråd og Kunstudvalg) on November 15th
Open to artworkers* and allies** 

November 19th from 12 - 3 pm
River Walk - voice your frustrations into the river for with Alexandra Jönsson
Open to womxn, trans, nonbinary artworkers*, allies**, and students and their children 

November 21st + 22nd + 23rd from 4 - 6 pm Movement Class with Sandro Masai
Open to artworkers*, requires booking (max. 8 participants per class)

November 24th from 4 - 5 pm
Collective Debrief Meeting - Collective conversation following up on culture political work around Kunsthal NORD
Open to artworkers*

November 24th from 5 - 9 pm
Critical Picnic #25 - Dinner and Conversation
Open to all, dinner is free but requires booking and Performance with Jens Bugay-Hougaard

*Artworkers are defined as people working with, studying, producing, organising, curating, communicating, designing, and educating within the field of contemporary art.
** Ally - join the event in a supporting capacity. If in doubt, feel welcome to email us.